429116_2593437404091_1499357119_32027016_952606625_n1-211x300Trudy Munsick
Co-Director, Spear-0 Mountain Campus/Beaver Lakes Field Station
(307) 751-8173

Trudy is now retired from Northern Wyoming Community College District after working over 30 years as a faculty member, director of nursing and, ultimately, the Dean of Health Sciences and Outdoor Education. She has been in charge of the mountain campus facility, Spear-O Wigwam, since its inception in 2010. Trudy has worked tirelessly on the restoration of the campus’s historical buildings, the rejuvenation of its field station, Beaver Lakes, and in developing the programs that are offered at Spear-O Wigwam. She has recently retired form her dean’s position in order to have more time to focus her energy on building new partnerships and overseeing the management of the facility.


dave-munsick-nwccd-wyoming (1)Dave Munsick
Co-Director, Spear-0 Mountain Campus/Beaver Lakes Field Station
(307) 751-1168

Dave began his professional career as a Forest Service range technician before becoming a field biologist for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. He is a lifelong musician, was a ranch manager in the Sheridan Area for 15 years, and a high school science teacher for 14 years.  He  recently retired in order to concentrate his efforts on the mountain campus where he will use his creative skills to teach students in the outdoors, assist Trudy in operating the facility, and help to point the campus in new and exciting directions.



John-LJohn Lunbeck
Beaver Lakes Field Station Host

John Lunbeck is an industrial electrician by trade. In addition he has experience in log construction, forest fuel mitigation projects and building and maintaining equipment.– all skills used in the restoration and maintenance of the Beaver Lakes Field Station. As a resident of Story since childhood, the Piney Creek drainage of the Big Horn Mountains has been his backyard for years and he has thoroughly explored the area around Beaver Lakes by foot and horseback.





Ardath-LArdath Lunbeck
Beaver Lakes Field Station Host

Ardath Lunbeck previously taught in the Biology Department at Sheridan College and was serving as the Dean of Arts and Sciences for NWCCD at the time the college district acquired Spear-O-Wigwam and Beaver Lakes. Since retirement she has been committed to restoring Beaver Lakes and establishing it as a active field station for the college district. Over the years she has joined her husband John on many hiking and horseback trips in the Beaver Lakes area.

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