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Song Writing Workshop July 9 – 11
Dave Munsick

Whether you’re a beginner or an accomplished songwriter, Dave will instruct, innovate, and inspire you to create songs with fresh perspective and energy, no matter what genre or style you identify with.  Dave will share lyrical and melodic techniques that he has discovered over his years of writing and he’s excited to show you ways that’ll help you reveal your inner creative self.

  • Max – 10
  • Min – 4

For more information, call Dave @ 307-751-1168 or

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Photography Workshop July 6 – 9
Adam Jahiel

Photography is both an art and a science. During your time with Adam at Spear-O Mtn Campus, you will learn what to look for on both sides of the lens. This class will explore ways to enhance your eye for light and composition, critique famous photographers and become one with your camera and so much more. This workshop includes time in the field and  classroom for lecture, slide shows, videos and editing.

  • Max – 12
  • Min – 5
  • Workshop Fee –$800.00 all inclusive

Includes workshop, lodging and meals and snacks. Transportation can be arranged upon request. For more information, call Adam Jahiel @ 307-751-8655 or

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Mountain Yoga Workshop July 28 – 29
Michele Fritz & Tracey Burke

Ahhhh summer. Summer is beauty and bold, alive with activity and growth. Utilize this season to deepen and express your creative and playful self in a beautiful mountain setting of the Big Horns.  Join Tracey Burke and Michele Fritz for the first annual mountain yoga retreat at Spear O’ Wigwam. This retreat brings the fruits of summer’s expansion and growth and taps into your creativity with intention. In our time together we will offer all who participate a chance to move his/ her body in a nourishing yoga practice. There will be personal and exploration time to gather intentions and allow yourself to tap into your own personal creativity. Please contact Michele Fritz @ or visit The Kula Space for more information.

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Mountain Lectures

Yale Graduate Students
Sunday, June 25th 10 a.m. – Noon

Please join us for a morning of short lectures from eight masters and doctoral students at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. For the second year, students involved in research across six states in the American West will gather at Spear-O to share their work, troubleshoot issues with Yale staff, and learn about the natural history of the Bighorns. Topics span a range of issues affecting land management in the west from sustainable grazing with Bison, to predator-prey interactions, to invasive species, to grazing issues on public lands.

For more information about the Yale lectures click here.

Foreign Diplomats
Sunday, July 16th 1 – 3 p.m.

Ambassador Jeanine Jackson and Mark Jackson will talk about their 30-years as  foreign diplomats and the various overseas Embassies they have worked with. Their talk will highlight their 14 years in Africa.

For more information about Ambassador Jeanine Jackson and Mark Jackson click here.

Bats, Bats and more Bats
Sunday, August 20th 1 – 3 p.m.

Nichole Bjornlie will speak about basic bat ecology. Topics will include: life history strategies, emerging conservation challenges, and mutually beneficial enjoyment of bats. How to live with bats or not.

For more information about Nichole Bjornlie click here.

Faculty Information

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