Yale Graduate Students

Please join us for a morning of short lectures from eight masters and doctoral students at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. For the second year, students involved in research across six states in the American West will gather at Spear-O to share their work, troubleshoot issues with Yale staff, and learn about the natural history of the Bighorns. Topics span a range of issues affecting land management in the west from sustainable grazing with Bison, to predator-prey interactions, to invasive species, to grazing issues on public lands.

  • Anthony Bell – Bridging the gap between commercial and conservation bison ranching (WY, SD, MT)
  • Paul Burrow – Pinyon-Juniper – invasive species management, grazing, and native resource use (NV, CA, UT, CO)
  • Ross Donihue – Cooperative conservation on working lands in the Northern Rockies (WY, MT, AB)
  • Jeremy Menkhaus – Impact investment in rangelands, a case for Bison (WY)
  • Austin Rempel – Incentivizing efficient water use through financial incentives for landowners (WY)
  • Rachel Renne – Understanding sagebrush mortality and building tools for long-term monitoring (WY)
  • Jessica Swindon – Understanding climate impacts on roots systems of shrub-steppe species (WY, CO)
  • Sam Wall – Hydro power in Montana, tribal resource management, ecosystem services and water quality (MT)

Three of our students will not be in attendance but we’d be happy to share what we know about their research –

  • Adam Eichenwald – Predator prey interactions between raptors and ground-birds, potential carbon implications (AK)
  • Cayley Geffen – National monument designations – diverse voices from Utah (UT)
  • Carli Keirstead – Decision making tools for irrigation and conservation (WY)
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