Life Under Mountain Water

About the Lecture

Rick Pallister has a BA in Zoology from the University of Montana with an emphasis in fisheries and wildlife, and has had a long career in wildlife management and conservation coupled with curiosity and a lifelong love of fly-fishing.  He is currently The Nature Conservancy’s NE Wyoming Landscape Director and he’ll be taking us for a little dip into Bighorn Mountain stream life as he talks about the lifestyles of aquatic insects.  Aquatic insects can reveal a lot about the health of our streams, and the quality of their habitats.  They can also give us some fun clues as to what the trout might be eating!  We will also talk briefly about the challenges to our streams, some exciting work that is being done locally to benefit streams, and we’ll have some fun collecting and classifying aquatic insects and providing some insight as to what trout flies might effectively imitate them.


Come early, bring a lunch to enjoy at our creekside picnic tables, ask for a tour and enjoy the Mountain Campus.

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